Jul 12, 2009

Tip of my Tongue

So I thought I would take a little break from this blog labour of love.

Well, it wasn't really premeditated to take a break- baby, it just happened. You see, I had quite a few things on the go and in the lead up to the uber-successful book launch the blog served as an escape from budgeting, liaising between the venue and the committee, late-night meetings and some pretty stressful moments.

In the end, stories were read, books were sold, drinks were sipped and sweet potato fries were purchased ($500 worth). To be honest, I truly didn't feel like a graduate until that launch happened. It still feels odd not (necessarily) going back to school in the fall.

Fashion, music, lifestyle, celebrity and all those beautiful, dirty, rich things all fell by the wayside post June 9th. June 2009, by the way, has been very good to me. Blessed I am.

So why am I posting now? Well, I've gotten an itch to write again...for the first time in years actually. Not write for a grade, or a project, or heck, even a book. I just want to write. I promise this, promise this; check this hand 'cuz I'm marvelous.

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