Aug 29, 2009


Google marks what would have been Michael Jackson's 51st birthday today.

Happy Birthday MJ.


More Olsens

MK and Ashley have been on a whirlwind tour promoting Elizabeth and James and The Row. Elizabeth and James is the more affordable, fashion forward line while The Row focuses on simple shapes with great cuts and exquisite fabric. Here they are in Japan wearing lace animal ears (who designed them? I want to say McQueen but I can't remember? It's not Marc is it? Galliano?) that were previously seen on Lady Gaga.



Stam for H&M

Denim and Jessica Stam seem to be really big for Fall 09 with H&M. A little birdie told me that they're having a denim promotion starting this coming week (CreeyChan).

Stam looks great in the campaign. Here's something lifted from the H&M site. Stunning.


Aug 28, 2009

RIP Kenley Penley


Former Project Runway contestant and finalist, Kenley Collins, continues being useless months after the cameras have stopped rolling. She is laughing off her recent jail sentence for allegedly beating her ex-fiance, Zak Penley (Yes, had they married her name would have been Kenley Penley). She insists her two days behind bars were "hilarious." Douchebag.

Kenley Collins was arrested on March 17 2009 and charged with two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment for throwing her cat (!!!) and a laptop computer at Zak Penley at his apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The 26 year old pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was jailed in April. She was also fined $120 and handed a two-year protection order prohibiting her from contacting her Penley.

She tells the New York Post "Jail was really funny. I get thrown into this cell with like 25 girls, and half of them know who I am, so it is really hilarious."

Tim Gunn does not approve of this fuckery.

Lady V

I am almost breathless.

Mario Testino shot Gaga wearing Marc Jacobs, styled by Nicola Formichetti. The cover comes in two versions: one in which she wears electrostatic blue Marc Jacobs glasses and another in which she wears a pink pair of shades.


"When the Marc Jacobs pink hooded coat and glasses came down the runway, I knew there was only one person I wanted to see in it: Lady Gaga," editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains. "Growing up as a kid obsessed with new wave, I would cut up paper sunglasses and put them onto celebs’ faces on magazine covers. These plastic peel-on and peel-off glasses come in pink and blue and are actually based on the Marc Jacobs ones that came down the runway!" So got that, kids? You can actually peel off Gaga's sunglasses and stick them on your own face. Former MTV veejay John Norris interviewed Gaga for the story inside the issue. She also posed for an editorial.



“Us Weekly putting me on a worst-dresses list? I couldn’t care less. If Karl Lagerfeld called me an ugly hag, then I’d be upset. Because it’s Karl Lagerfeld.”

“When I was a blonde, they called me Madonna. Then they called me Christina, then Gwen. I just don’t think most people’s reference points go back very far.”

Oh and Madonna checked out one of Gaga's NYC shows: “My sister texted me and she was like, ‘Madonna is 15 feet away from me.’ This is awesome! I just remember thinking, ‘wow, this is exactly what I wanted.’”


Pick up V on newsstands September 1st.

Gwen's Simple Kinda Life

Gwen wears motherhood well. Kingston is a doll. Her shoes are always on point as is her We get're perfect. Here is she is leaving Madeo.

I.D. Required

Chanel Iman, Sesilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn and Arlenis Sosa are all looking fabulous on the cover of I-D magazine...the choice of font though? Not a fan.

Aug 27, 2009


Claudia and I going picture crazy over seaweed salad (lol) and Thai. Mil took this picture and I stole it from her blog. She's pretty rad.

Check out her blog here: Melissa Di Pasquale Photography She's awesome and you'll want to hire her.

Rihanna Italia

This is the much ballyhooed photo shoot that prompted Ms. Fenty to shave the sides of her head. I would shave my head for Steven Klein and Italian Vogue too. This is glimpse of the cover...not word if this is official or not. I'm definitely liking the Grace Jones vibe.

Aug 26, 2009

U ♥ NY?

September 10th 2009 - Fashion's Night Out (I'll be posting my displeasure with shopping later this week/early next...I'm not a hypocrite...I swear)

Never mind MK

Michelle Tanner a.k.a Mary-Kate (left) and Ashley (obvs, right) Olsen at MuchMusic yesterday. Clearly MK's face is melting (or maybe she should dye her 'brows?).

I like what Ashley's wearing from head to toe, yup yup. Kudos to these two for being richer than most and not (yet) having any sleazy sex-tapes. Quite an accomplishment for those in today's celebsphere.

Aug 25, 2009

Summer Anthem

While everyone else is proclaiming Drake's Best I Ever Had as the summer anthem, I've been unable to stop listening to Celebration by Lady M. The Benny Benassi remix or the original...both are perfect summer ditties to play loudly in your car on a warm summer night. The single is out digitally on iTunes and physically in mid September. The video premieres on September 1st.

Bunny Ears

4 Questions for Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski is the best dressed man in reality TV. As the lone male assistant of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe on Bravo's sleeper hit, The Rachel Zoe Project, he's often seen tugging at the hem of actresses, clad in the best from Michael Bastian, Thom Browne and Band of Outsiders.

Season 2 began Monday!

How'd life change after season 1?
There's the odd instance that someone stops me and wants me to text their girlfriend or boyfriend, which is crazy. But the day job remains the same.

Your style's got a preppy, east-coast vibe. What's your take on LA style?
I do tend to look like fish out of water sometimes in LA. It's buttoned-up and yet, that's breaking the rules here. You should see the looks I get at the gym, the way some guys look at me when I'm coming out on my way to work.

How much crap do you get for the time you cried?
Every once and a while, someone comes up and is like, 'You need a thicker skin' and I'm like, come on, it was one time, and it was a long time coming! But I'm can report there have been no tears shed since.

What can we expect from this season?
You'll see a lot more of what we do just day-to-day, from the travel to the awards season. Being the three of us, it's always two against one. So I think the audience will be wondering, who's out of the loop this week?

Aug 13, 2009

Oh M D+G

Madonna and Jesus and Dolce and Gabbana. Photobucket

Big Love

Of all the Mean Girls alumni (besides Tina Fey) who would've imagined that "stoopid" Karen Smith (you know, the one who could predict rain with her breasts?) would end up being the breakout star?

While everyone was touting Lindsay Lohan as 'the next big thing,' quiet little Amanda Seyfried made a name for herself not as tabloid fodder, but as an actress. She starred as Sophie in Mamma Mia!, is part of the ensemble cast of Big Love and stars opposite Megan Fox in the upcoming Jennifer's Body. With each project, she comes more into her own than the last. She also resembles a younger Michelle Pfeiffer in the shots below taken from Women's Wear Daily.