Feb 23, 2010


Gaga will be wearing some of these soon - I can promise you this.

ISABEL MASTACHE Fall Winter 2010 / 11 Cibeles from NEOMODA on Vimeo.

My opinion? It's like a less sophisticated Vivien Westwood. Some stuff is kinda cool. Other is just straight out of design school.

Feb 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Fashion great, showman and creative genius, Alexander McQueen, 40, was found dead in his London home today. No details have been released outside of the fact that he committed suicide. I am speechless. I love McQueen's work and this is a huge loss. Rest in Peace.

Feb 8, 2010

Tenth grade staple

The Club Monaco Crest is back! After almost a decade (omg!) the athletic crest is back for die hard fans. I remember owning a Club Monaco sweatshirt in high school. Truth be told, I still have mine in my closet. I'm ecstatic because I thought the sweats were gone for good once the company got sold to Ralph Lauren. I thought wrong I guess. The crest is back and I will be stopping by the Yorkdale or TEC (the only ones carrying it at the moment) and pick up a few items. Starting at $29.

Blogs are so 2009.

No, but really. They are. Thanks to Twitter and Tumblr and even the social media grandpa, Facebook - web publishing by way of a blog is passe. Maybe tl;dr syndrome has limited our capacity to read blogs longer than 140 characters.

I think I have to repurpose this blog to remain relevant. Otherwise, ya'll/y'all can just follow my Tumblr for the random snippets of my brain.

So many things I need to post (and and even greater amount that I missed...) that maybe I should start up again as though there never was a gap anyway.

Thoughts? Is anyone even there?