Feb 8, 2010

Blogs are so 2009.

No, but really. They are. Thanks to Twitter and Tumblr and even the social media grandpa, Facebook - web publishing by way of a blog is passe. Maybe tl;dr syndrome has limited our capacity to read blogs longer than 140 characters.

I think I have to repurpose this blog to remain relevant. Otherwise, ya'll/y'all can just follow my Tumblr for the random snippets of my brain.

So many things I need to post (and and even greater amount that I missed...) that maybe I should start up again as though there never was a gap anyway.

Thoughts? Is anyone even there?


Lindsay said...

i was wondering when you were gonna post something! GEEEEEEEEEEZ

click2engage said...

We're here alright! OK, you have a point... but then I look @ my browser window and see about 15 tabs open - most of them are blogs - one of which is yours:)And then links that are shared on Twitter are also for blog posts / articles etc. It just goes to show that blog post can still bring value and be relevant. Plus I'd probably have to write over 5 tweets to say this to you...and and it probably would't have made sense (not that it does now, mind you!) :) I guess my point is that we still require a venue like the blog to put it all in as many words we want and also to relay the information we find on Twitter and the like and make connections and develop ideas and so on.

Joan Vinall-Cox said...

Can you forward your Tumblr posts to it? At the very least, have a message at the top pointing to your Tumblr. IMHO.

vintage muse said...

u never post anymore :(

i would keep this.