Nov 22, 2008

Model Behaviour: Street Style

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Ai Tominaga - Daiane Conterato - Daul Kim (is kicking asses, taking names)
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Gaby Odiele - Hye Park (the shoes! the shoes!) - Irina Lazareanu
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Scary Stam - Karman Pedaru - Lily Donaldson
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Maryna Linchuk - Shannon Click (amazing) - Shield Marquez
Skye Stracke

1. JACKETS, JACKETS, JACKETS! Do yourself a favor and go out and get an over-sized blazer and one black/gray motorcycle jacket...I want a motorcycle jacket REAL bad. I passed up on one I almost bought- except it was wool and not ~leatha~.

2. Asymmetry is the new symmetry. Think Comme des Garcons.

3. Black and gray denim is your friend. Trust.


mc said...

ive kinda been in small town quebec for the last 3 months..
can you do a review on the comme des garcons for h&m toute de suite?


DeepV said...

I wasn't a complete fan of the collection - too many polka dots- I do feel sorry for the idiots that lined up at Eaton Centre (200+) 'cuz Bloor had a scattering of 70 people...

I'm not really into the whole deconstructionalist thing- but CDG does a mean jacket. My fav H&M collection is still V&R and probably Mr. Chanel himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

I got a great deal on a Cavalli wrap cardigan for men - it was 70% off of $99.90 or $149.90(this was year ago I think)