Nov 4, 2008

Yes, you did.

It is 11:51PM and I should be doing my work for WRI330, but instead I sit on my laptop and in front of the TV watching history unfold. The best candidate won, the brightest candidate won. After two years of constant campaigning, and decades upon centuries of oppression and systemic suppression of minorities, Barack Hussein Obama II is the president of the United States of America. He is the 44th president and oh yeah, he's a Black man. Never did I think I would be witness to equality personified in such a way. After many months of a McCain/Palin campaign filled with hateful slurs, schemes and bewildering ignorance, Obama has shone as a beacon of integrity, elegance, dignity and eloquence.

It is now 11:57PM and the next first family of the United States has just taken stage. I watch his speech while holding back tears. Autumn just got a little greener. Change is here. Yes you can and did.

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KNC said...

I was also neglecting WRI330 homework to witness this historical landmark. I was sooo happy and excited! This is a lovely blog entry Raf.