Jan 27, 2009

Blogging ProRunCan2

  • Ottawa? What? There's nothing fashion about Ottawa (sorry Krystal!) This reminds me of Canada's Next Top Model being set in rural British Columbia. This makes no sense. Montreal or Toronto- only.
  • Brian Bailey will never be Tim Gunn. Never, ever.
  • House full of hipsters- AmericanApparel headband is so 2008
  • Iman looks ashy- use some lotion bb
  • The challenge seems interesting enough- a better concept than most of the American challenges last season. Army print versus 'natural' prints from the natural world.
  • Everyone from Vancouver looks dirty, unkempt and in tatters
  • Jeffery Mackinnon does not look 41. At all
  • People with anxiety disorders should just not join competitive reality TV shows
  • Jessica Biffel seems like she would be a lot of fun- or a preening drama queen (also a lot of fun)

  • Commercial over and crying continues. Jaclyn is a mess. Why does their workstation look like something from a lunar landing? Ominous
  • Jaclyn is being taken away in a gurney and has left the competition
  • Danio will either be amazing or fall really short
  • Christie is a cunt
  • Adejoke and her ethnic prints = Korto Momolu from ProRunUS? Y/Y?
  • Magarita or Maggie or Mag-doll is pretty bad ass, not gonna lie
  • Brandon is the token loudmouth queen- but he's hating on Christie, so I'm on his team.
  • Sunny Fong = fierce AZN
  • I hope Danio's legs can keep in
  • Jason Myers is a gay, white thug with Elton John cross earring? I don't get it
  • Camille - YA!
  • No offense to anyone- but did they get all these people from the ER?
  • Poor Dario
  • Baylor- did they just throw him in or was he always there?
  • 10 mins to showtime!

My reactions to the runway:

  • Baylor - meh
  • Camille - awful (she needs to wash her hair STAT)
  • Christie - Kenley (Jem much?)
  • Sunny - Love the hood, I have a problem with the skirt
  • Magarita - awful
  • Adejoke - I like it
  • Brandon - I think he missed the memo
  • Jason - Flintstone chic?
  • Kim - Trying too hard
  • Jeff - Mother of the Bride
  • Genvieve - Fashion Student
  • Jessica - Not terrible, not great

  • Jason, how are you going to go infront of Iman in a tank-top?
  • Sunny's jacket is great, the skirt is AWFUL
  • I predict Camille will leave

...And Camille is out.


mc said...

you need screen shots along with your commentary.

mc said...

also i am going to watch this with your commentary right next to me.

Lindsay said...

ottawa is absolutely the worst place to have this show; there's no fashion, culture, life, soul, or anything that could make it a real city. it's an effing tundra with highways cutting through it

claudia, vintage muse. said...

i cant believe two peeps left in one shot. thats so DUMB. dont they screen ppl?

i feel uninspired so far, but i guess i would pick sunny as a fav.

ottawa = more dumbness.

Krystal said...

Thanks for the condolences Raf, haha, but it' ok - I moved out of the city for a reason. Although, I must say that in the summer Ottawa can be quite a beautiful city ...