Apr 9, 2009

Making a Book

So I made a book. Yes, made.

I didn't just write it. I edited it (along with a slew of crafty ladies), copy-edited it, typeset it, chose the font(s), layout, design and the cover. I'm quite proud that I had the experience.

When I started the course, Making a Book, I really didn't know what to expect. Here I am, 13 weeks later. I can typeset, edit, clip, kern and Photoshop with the best of them (maybe not the best...but I can handle my own). I not only wrote every word within the covers, I actually conceptualized and designed the cover itself. Thanks to my own imagination, many of clicks of the mouse, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, the feedback of several people, patience and many, many, many cups of coffee, I finally have a cover I love.

So how does it feel? I couldn't tell you...yet. I'm still reeling from the anxiety of hitting 'send' when I finally submitted it to the publisher.

What's a book without a book launch?

June 9th 2009
SUPERMARKET in Kensington Market

I, along with Ashley and Krystal, are organizing the book launch event and hope to see many of you there. More details to follow over the next week. Save the date.


claudia, vintage muse. said...


im there!

M said...

i always get autographed copies at these events.
i best be getting one from this as well. :P

DeepV said...


Heck, I've even personalize it!

: )

purposeful wanderer said...

i''m digging the cover. congrats