Apr 17, 2009

This is a Kanye West post.

Now that I've sent my book off to the printer, I finally have free time to post frivolous things that excite me. Or so I thought. My Internet died for a few days, leaving me disconnected from the blogosphere (hence the lack of ProRunCanada finale post). Alas, I've finally secured an Internet connection and here I am.

This blog is quickly turning into a Lady Gaga/Marc Jacobs/Kanye lovefest. I'm sorry, but other celebrities and designers just need to try harder. Until then, if you don't like what you're reading...then boo, you whore.

Kanye item #1:
Keri Hilson's album is worth listening to all summer. In Knock You Down, Keri seems to be stuck in a torrid love-triangle between Kanye and Ne-Yo. Thin plot aside, can we admire the styling in this video? Please? I want Kanye's jean-jacket, coral tee, leather glove combo NOW. Keri looks amazing too. I guess.

Kanye item #2:
Kanye wants you to know, caps and all: "OH AND YES THOSE ARE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS ON BRANDON'S SHIRT BY DRIES VAN NOTEN." Here's Kanye in studio with Gwenyth Paltrow The Unabomber Jared Leto and Brandon Flowers.

Kanye item #3:
The return of Amber Rose! Here is Kanye being all model-y in the ad campaign for his sneaker line by Louis Vuitton. Ebony and Ivory...living together in perfect harmony.


mc said...

that first picture of kanye with amber...
displeases my feminist sensibilities.
like, a lot.

DeepV said...

I thought about that...but then I just started staring at her bikini bottom tan lines.