Jun 9, 2010

Don't call my name...

I'm back, bitches.

After a much-needed hiatus, I'm back. I've always had an online presence - Twitter, creeping you on Facebook or lazily posting embarrassing things on my Tumblr (rafayagha.tumblr.com), but now I think I'm going to launch an online onslaught. You wait. Just fucking wait.

Anyway, "me me me" aside, Gagaloo released an amazing video yesterday at noon. Needless to say, I had a lunch date and my eyes were glued to the screen for almost nine glorious minutes. Steven Klein took what he does and married it with Gagaloo and David Fincher. The result is blasphemous, sexy, gothic, homoerotic and rings of Nazi/military imagery. I wonder if having all these 'mos in Mo wigs was intentional? Probably.

For lighter fare, La Coacha also did a great job, putas. Watch it or I think I'll have to shank you.

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