Jun 10, 2010

Year One

One year ago this month. One year ago this month, on June 1st 2009, to be exact. I started my first job out of school. Between proofs of my book, editing sessions, final submissions, applying for post-graduate programs, a part-time job and life in general, I was also job searching. Viciously.

One year ago this month. One year ago this month, on June 8th 2009, to be exact. I was at Convocation Hall, U of T. My mom, dad and brother. All proud. Beaming even. I was happy until I realized that my pictures didn't turn out the way I wanted while I was in the hall. I was crabby- maybe it was a release from all the pressure and anxiety that four (almost 5) years builds. I still don't quite feel as though I've graduated. Regardless, I held on to a piece of paper worth the price of a decent car. A week later, my dad bought me my U of T frame to neatly place my degree in. The feeling of having to take that day off work to convocate was amazing because I was working in my field. Happily.

One year ago this month. One year ago this month, on June 9th 2009, to be exact. We made books. We planned the launch. The lighting, the presentation, the gift, the venue, the menu, the guestlist. It was one of my favourite nights of my life. Surrounded by friends and family. What was supposed to be just about books ended up being a great way to end my undergraduate career. I was elated.

Now a year later, June 10th 2010 to be exact. I've moved on from my first job to a job that is an extension of my field. I've started my next book/venture and for the first time in a long time, the same people around me at the book launch are still around.

June 2009 was a good month. 2009 was a good year.

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