Sep 29, 2008

Who wore it better?

Is it a faux-pas when you borrow your girlfriend's wool cardi?
What if your girlfriend happened to be Kate Moss?

'Chic' and Cheerful Jamie Hince or Cocaine-chic Kate Moss- who owns it?

Jamie's bag is deffo more fab...and his boots are just just. But although I am totally for mixing texture to create interest- I'm not sure how a linen scarf fits with a wool cardigan. Regardless, Jaime takes it.


claudia, vintage muse. said...

yay new blog!

i think they both look fab, like, i would wear both outfits.
it would bring out the man and model in me.

miss u.

ps. get rid of this word ver. shit!!

claudia, vintage muse. said...

also, put comments in a pop up window so i can reference the post when i comment, please and thanks ;)

DeepV said...

Done and done