Sep 30, 2008

Siamese Dream

In these ads for H&M's f/w 2008 line, a simease dream involving model elite highlights key elements for f/w: Cocoon coats, volume, big knits and a post-modern mod influence.

H&M has not only done the great service of providing fashion to mallrats, but it has also managed to make us believe that you too can make a 39.90 coat look couture. Admirable for their effort to bring fashion-forwardness to the mass market, I grow concerned for how pedestrian and trite these looks feel on most. Although Daria and Lilly both look great in these ads, chances are the average shlumpy soccer mom will not.



claudia, vintage muse. said...

i agree one needs to have a certain figure/stature to pull off most of the looks in the campaign.

juan is gorgeous, no?!

obvs so is daria...

DeepV said...

I like that Lily has that 90s Supermodel face...but more angular?
And Du looks great in this campaign but I'm not a big fan otherwise