Sep 9, 2009

Nouveau New Look

As seen in the post below, Posh sports a pair of sexy heels on the front cover of Elle Magazine. Well, these bad boys (or naughty ladies) are the Dior Guepiere Heels.

Modelled after the delicate boning used in the waist cincher-a sort of corset-to establish the Dior "New Look," which basically accentuates the waist, these shoes are the definition of sugar and spice.

Here's a little FYI: In the 1940s, Harper's Bazaar editor-in-chief, Carmel Snow, exclaimed "It's such a New Look!" when reviewing the Spring/Summer collection. The signature shape was characterized by a below-mid-calf length, full-skirt, large bust and most importantly, small waist. So there...the more you know!


claudia, vintage muse. said...

is it bad i dont like them?

DeepV said...

I like them...I don't LOVE them. I do love the inspiration

DeepV said...

And I've always been a sucker for Dior anything.

Lindsay said...

They look like bras!!