Sep 7, 2009

Ronson’s Stylish Life Tips

Spirits: “I usually drink whisky – Jack or Jameson’s – either straight or with Coca-Cola. I don’t do any of that fussy ‘one-part this, two-part that’ stuff.”

Cars: “When I got my license, I leased a Cadillac, because my inner driving spirit is that of an 80-year-old man. You always see old people in America driving them really slowly because they’re so uncomfortable. It’s like being in a hovercraft.”

Long Haul Flights:
“I’ve started to like being in the air. It’s the only time you’re cut off from the outside world and don’t have to feel guilty about it. Business Class is a bit of a waste, but it depends who’s paying.”

Know when to leave a party: “When the lights go on.”

He's on the cover of October's issue of Esquire being dashing and all dapper-like.

Esquire Mark Ronson from smart films on Vimeo.

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Lindsay said...

The one in the black shorts rolling around in the sand is pretty hot