Sep 26, 2009

So Fresh

I needed toothpaste, air freshener and a box of tissues (for my desk at I battle this cold I have). So, naturally, I stopped by the Loblaw's Superstore near work and made a detour through my boo, Joe Fresh.

I saw a pair of red buffalo-plaid heels and um...can you please run-don't walk-to pick them up? $29 CAD! Wear them under a grey boyfriend cut pair of cropped jeans and a slouchy cardigan or with a simple black wool sweater dress for a casual night out. They're kinda Gwen Stefani and completely disposable after a season or two of wear...might I remind you that they are only $29?

The website doesn't have any pictures up and I can't find pics anywhere else...but you won't be disappointed. And if you are, hell, just browse around because they have some great sweaters, outerwear and basics - all well under $89

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