Oct 22, 2008

Attention to Detail

What's lacking among most pedestrian fashion is not the lack of available options of cheap & chic retailers but the ability to take vintage, trend, designer, off-the-rack, custom-made or tailored and classic pieces to create a cohesive look unique to the individual. Being a fashionista is not about following the status quo or picking up a publication and adhering to what some overtly-righteous and ill-informed fashion pundit prescribes. Fact is, I can ogle all I want at a pair of Tom Ford sunnies or a McQueen wrap cardigan, but unless I actually make it mine, I'm just a fashion victim rather than fashionista.

Remember: owning your wardrobe isn't just about paying for it- it's about wearing each piece as if it's an extension of yourself and not just something that's merely 'on trend.'

After nearly two decades of the flat front regime, pleated trousers are making a comeback. I absolutely love the rolled up jacket sleeves, tastefully excessive use of hard-edged accessories and Warholesque hair in the picture below. Play close attention to the blinged-out skull ring.

picture source: The Sartorialist


claudia, vintage muse. said...

i have a maroon pair of wool, high waisted, pleated front, tapered pants. my godmother gave them to me. im SO ahead of my time..

DeepV said...

LOL Wear 'em