Oct 18, 2008

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte

I saw these shoes a while back when browsing through pictures of Rodarte's Fall 2008 runway show. They were fierce (in every sense of the word) then and they are fierce now. Christian Louboutin designed these for Rodarte and well...isn't that just grand?

Here are a few pics of the shoes from the show as well as Posh stepping out the other day with her other accessory, David Beckham.

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claudia, vintage muse. said...


i cant decide if i like these or not.

purposeful wanderer said...

one day when i make it big in life, i too will be able to afford accessories like that (the shoes, not Becks)

KNC said...

Is Posh sporting a faux-hawk?

Lindsay said...

OMG, i want her outfit.

DeepV said...

Actually, a little ~FYI~...Rihanna is wearing the gold pair in her upcoming video for Rehab (w J.Timberlake)...YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! LOL