Oct 26, 2008

Whatta Croc

Not only am I appalled by the standalone CROCS stores popping up everywhere from Mississauga's Heartland Town Centre to a spot on Queen West in Toronto but I am also perplexed by the fascination with these rubber clogs that supports these openings. I thought that the company went belly up early in the summer- I guess not. Maybe they're back by popular demand?

I hate them, I think they are the worst thing to happen not only to fashion, but to humanity (nuclear warfare and GWB included).

Well this brings me to these lovelies. CROCS seems dedicated to infiltrate not only the summer, but have now moved onto this hideous thing just in time for fall/winter. If I see anyone wearing these...well, they deserve a beat down.



claudia, vintage muse. said...

i throw up in my mouth over this.

purposeful wanderer said...

it looks like the fur part is a snap on addition to the summer Croc. like you could take it on and off as you please. doesn't make it any better though.

mil. said...

Ew. These look like little piggies trying to be sheep.