Oct 15, 2008


- Lauren Conrad has a fashion line. Everything is jersey and everything is L.A...and not in the good way [Is there such a thing? Besides that lone factory in downtown L.A.]

- Today I saw a lady vote in an electric blue Baby Phat velour tracksuit, silver tank top and embellished denim poorboy cap. Her ID stated she just turned 54.

- Also seen today, a woman in denim blue tube socks, clogs, a yellow dress with black polka dots and an 80s windbreaker in shades of neon. She was not trying to be ironic.

- Leggings are not pants.

- LeAnimal or Korto better win ProRun.

- Anally (Annaleigh) is my favourite model on ANTM in a while...this being said, she does look like a "Target cashier who just raided the earrings rack and is gonna get all pissy with me when I try to unload my pennies and don't show any sexual interest in her." Touche.

- I hate Club Monaco. I refuse buy sweaters that pill, made in China and cost well over a hundred dollars. Like Common, I used to love H.E.R.

- Flannel is a friend.

- Leggings ARE NOT PANTS.


KNC said...

Here's to boycotting overpriced Club Monaco. Cheers.

"Leggings are not pants." Now do you mean to imply that leggings should only be worn under skirts? ... If so, I beg to differ: long sweaters + classy belt + leggings + high boots = fashion success.

DeepV said...

No no, leggings can be worn with tunics, long sweaters, dresses, sweater dresses, long tees, etc. BUT I do NOT want to see crack or vajayjay...simply putting on a pair of leggings with a tee or tank IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

And about Club Monaco, I'm really disappointed because I loved(love?) them because it's classic and clean and sharp...but as of late, season collections are hit or miss