Mar 10, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2 - Ep6

  • Iman's bubble-vest hurts my life- it's sea foam with a leopard trim. Oh my.
  • "A sticky situation," Iman seems to be loving the puns recently. The challenge is about Post-Its
  • I really wish they would give them fabric and real models
  • The challenge is about Post-It gowns for breast cancer survivors
  • Other Jackie Adejoke is also wearing a vest, it's not nearly as loud. Which is too bad.
  • Sunny crying is so sad. His father died of cancer. I hope he wins and I don't even know his design.
  • Other Jackie Adejoke's voice is cracking and it now seems that everyone is crying
  • I think Jessica Biffi has a beard- I can't tell.
  • Wings? Kim is making wings? Foam wings? GO HOME. "Are wings fashionable?" NO.
  • Post-iting is now a word because Sunny says so.
  • I can't get over Jason's wardrobe/life/facial hair/hair/jewellery choices
  • Brian Bailey gives horrible advice. "From the desert to the oasis," is not constructive.
  • Kim: "What girl doesn't feel like great when she wears wings?" UM? ALL OF THEM OVER THE AGE OF 6. Unless they come in the form of on a sanitary pad, wings should not be worn on a woman unless you're a Victoria's Secret angel (even this is questionable).
  • So is Jason gay? He's throwing my gaydar way off. The Elton John-esque earring says gay, while his flirtatiousness with Kim makes me think he's not strictly-dickly. The white linen pants say gay, but the fact that he can't coordinate them properly says that he's not strictly-dickly. So confused.
  • WAIT. An ad for is giving away money AND a lunch with Brian Bailey. Can I just have the money? What would I say to him? My only question would be "Why are you not Tim Gunn?"
  • "She's not a fashion designer, she's a fashion regurgitate-r." Possibly genius. Yes.
  • Jason needs to learn how to design to not simply just keep adding arbitrary things. Fashion isn't about "adding drama."
  • Jason also speaks in third person. Remind you of anyone?
  • "Ba-Rue makeup." I love the French.
  • "GLA-MORE," another reason I love the French.
  • I sense a Kim vs. Biffi bitch fest. I was on team Kim until Jeff got kicked off. She's definitely the weakest link now. Along with Jason. Double-elimination would be great, except this won't happen seeing as how the first episode saw about 7 people leave.
  • Marie Saint Pierre! I love her.

  • Genieve - The dress is a lit better than I imagine. It's stiff and a little boxy.
  • Jason- Horrible.
  • Other Jackie Adekoke- Tacky! Tarzan Jane?
  • Kim - the leaves are gorgeous. Everything else is horrible.
  • Jessica - Well lucky for her she has immunity.
  • Sunny - It's the least paper-y. The bottom is gorgeous. The bustier? Meh. The colour is to severe for the elegant bottom.

  • "Bye bitches!" I think I love Other-Jackie.
  • Everyone is hating on Shawn! Uh-Oh!
  • "A Papier-mâché dress with a train! That's a train wreck!" IMAN! YOUR PUNS! SO MANY!
  • "I Didn't like it from the get-go, I didn't like it from the go-get! How about that?!" AND AGAIN! OH MY IMAN!
  • The winner: Jessica Biffi...this is rigged. Sunny's was the superior design.
  • You just don't measure up: JASON!
  • Jason's model passed away shortly after this episode. So sad. Two people have died on this season alone. Sadness.
  • Next episode: Special guest COCO ROCHA?! SHUT UP AND GET OUT. I can't wait for next week's episode, the first real episode this season! Hurrah!

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claudia, vintage muse. said...

3 words: i hate kim.

what a douche.

sunnny is my main squeeze.

biffi rocks too.

and googely eyes over there, miss, I MAKE BEAUTIFUL THINGS is BRUTAL.