Mar 31, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2

So after last week's horrible episode in which Jason and googly-eye came back, Adejoke left (due to that bitch, Kim) and Sunny and J.Biffi remained as decent, personable designers. I'm ready for some karma to come Team Better's way.

Sorry Jessica, I love you, but you're not Alexander Wang (or did she say McQueen?) Regardless, I'm not convinced you can compete internationally. I'll truly make a judgement call when I see your entire collection.

Tailored suiting is this week's challenge.

Is Jason wearing neon Crocs?

Gen making Art Deco? Impossible. Her tailoring is horrendous.

"Thank You, Roselin" is not the same as "THANK YOU, MOOD!"

Jason's pink suit with white polka-dots? FML.

Sunny has model measurements...jealous.

Genvieve has an eye for proportion? Really? Since when?

School debt J.Biff? Me too.

Brian Bailey pointing at Sunny's stomach made me uncomfortable.

Jason is all gimmick, and no design.

"Challenge-card?" Like an internal memo?

Introduced a SECOND DESIGN?! Making lingerie? Oh.

"What is Charmeus? It sounds like a dessert. Something mousse." Way to break the model stereotypes girls.

JASON IS STRAIGHT? It took almost an entire season's worth of deliberation to find this out.

Wooooow, Jason is really playing up his heterosexuality. I'm almost waiting for him to crush a beer can on his head and talk about banging chicks, man.

How many of those peacock/dream catcher earrings does J.Biff own? In how many colours? The Aldo Accessories she bought them from must've made a killing.

"I would hurt small children..." J.Biff wins best line of the season.

Time for the runway:

Brian Bailey & David Dixon on the same show? Holy alliteration Batman!

Sunny: The suit was well designed. Best lingerie too.
Gen: Crooked, like her re-entry onto the show. That's not a slip- that's a dress.
J.Biffi.: Meh suit, but good idea. "Sweet-set" is exactly as how I would describe J. Biff's lingerie.
Jason: WTF?

Iman cut off Shawn. I LOVE IT.
Jason's mom must be a hot mess too then.
Iman's really grown on me.

Jason in the top 3? Hick. That spot belongs to Adejoke.
Jessica Biffi, I'll be seeing you at fashion week.

So, let me get this straight. Jessica and Sunny are from Toronto. And Jason is from Hamilton. No one from any other part of the country is going. What does that say about everywhere else? IRRELEVANT.


mc said...

i totally thought of you when jason said he was straight.

claudia, vintage muse. said...

i have physical aversion to googely eyes and am SO HAPPY SHE'S OUT. AGAIN.

(although i have to admit id wear that nighty in a second)

sunny is my main squeeze.