Mar 4, 2009

Portrait Perfect Posh

SO- let's address this bandwidth hoo-ha. I'm not upgrading to a paid account, if someone else wants to pay for mine, lemme know. Blank cheques are gladly accepted. I'm using my secondary Photobucket account for now and am thinking about using Tiny Pic on a go-forward basis.

I thought I would just not post for about two weeks, but too many delicious things have happened for me to not. Also, I've gotten a few (flattering) complaints and thus feel compelled to blog again.

And this brings us to Posh. She'll have to restore the balance by being plastic, alien and incredibly fierce. Although Tyra claims to be the self-proclaimed Goddess of Fierce, Vicky B. owns it. Here are some shots by a photographer I have not heard of before, MJ Kim.


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