Feb 28, 2009

Michelle O

How much do I love, love, love The Obamas? Portuguese Water dog? Universal health-care? A focus on college and training for all Americans? Diplomacy (Oh diplomacy, how I've missed you!)? Am I dreaming?

I feel complete and utter embarrassment over Obama having to mingle with Stephen Harper. Please America, understand that he's our Bush. We've trying to get rid of him, but our Texas, Alberta, can't let go.

Harper bashing aside, Michelle Obama is a class-act. Her official White House portrait was released and her sleevelessness is causing quite an uproar amongst idiots conservatives republicans idiots.

I think she looks superb, classic and sublime. Her black, sleeveless (!!!) dress is Micheal Kors and the portrait is shot by photographer Joyce N. Boghosian in the Blue Room of the White House. Thank God Oscar De La Renta's eight year reign over that wench also known as Laura Bush is over.

Generation, we have our own Jackie O.



Lindsay said...

Wow, look how toned those arms are. I am very impressed.

mc said...

i dunno...
thats a lot of shoulder...