Feb 26, 2009

Michelle Tanner x2

I love the Olsens. Here is Mary-Kate at The Spirit Awards a few weeks ago looking pretty chic and as usual, on trend.

Oh hi Ghandi...


Here are a few paparazzo shots. The bag in the latter pics is Alexander Wang and I kinda love it.

Normally I try not posting too many pap shots, but I really love their everyday style. I don't understand why people don't. I think they're better dressed than 99.99% of celebrities. Even when wearing classic black or simple white- they never play safe. Usually, they're ahead of the curve- maybe that's what throws people off.

Pick up their book, Influence. They know their stuff and have rubbed shoulders with people I can only dream about.

Also, their choice in footwear astounds me and yet, amazes me.

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Vanessa said...

Has anyone else noticed mary kate's shoes looking a little too big on the second picture?