Feb 28, 2009

Reason #193719 that Madonna has the best publicist in the world

I'm sure some of you lot have heard about Guy Ritche calling Madonna "It," by the end of their marriage. As in: "Be careful, we don't want to make "It" mad..."

Well, I dismissed this as tabloid fodder that typically follows high-profile breakups. Today Liz Rosenberg responded to the story:
It hasn’t been in a bad mood since the divorce was finalized.”

Zing! Proof again that Liz Rosenberg works damn hard for each paycheck she earns.

Here's Madge at The Vanity Fair party post-Oscars. Like Benjamin Button, she seems to be aging in reverse- divorce does the body good? Maybe her newly-adopted son boyfriend, Jesus, must be doing something right. The Curious Case of Madonna Ciccone? Whatever, I think she owes it to herself. If Jack Nicholson can do it, why can't Madge? Get it girl!

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