Feb 17, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2 - Episode 4


  • Challenge: Couture designs based on famed fashion houses

    Team 1- YSL

    Team 2- Valentino

    Team 3- Versace

  • How does Brandon not know YSL? I knew YSL as a tween
  • Brian Bailey's mustache needs it's own postal code
  • My mom just asked for the dictionary definition of dominatrix. Hm.
  • Brandon cannot even pronounce Yves St. Laurent - ARE YOU JOKING?
  • Special fabric? Unless this is Mood, (or Diane Von Furstenberg's textile room) I am not impressed
  • I've been to Preloved- it's right here in Toronto
  • Two minutes to gather vintage materials on clothes lines
  • Valetino Team picked all the red- smart move- if they keep this up, they will ace this challenge
  • Special guest? GASP!
  • Can I just say how lovely it is to not have Christie on the show anymore? "It's lovely."
  • I like Sunny's entire demeanor
  • Sunny found a stain on the pants - that's gross
  • Brandon's face is, as Tim Gunn would say, "a whole lotta look."
  • Brandon looks like someone who thinks Ed Hardy is high fashion...
  • Jason vs. Jessica - I feel a tantrum/breakdown about to happen - any minute now..."Fly or flip-out" Yup.
  • Who is the special guest? Iman? Fashion magic? I just love the way she says "couture!"
  • I don't see Valentino being Jeff's favourite designer
  • YSL used Iman as his muse? Iman loves talking about herself more than Tyra
  • Team Versace's colours work well
  • Team YSL does look like Commes Des Garcon - tailoring isn't there. I don't understand how Kim can make something hers when she isn't anything to begin with...
  • Genvieve just said "if our collection eats ass..." and I feel gross.
  • Jessica's breakdown arrived, a litter later than expected, but it's here. I hear sobbing. "I want this so bad," needs to be banned from reality T.V. She also just squealed
  • Couture Streetwear? Fail. Sorry Kim, you can sit down. That wasn't the challenge.
  • Kim's sweater looks more like Old Navy than YSL
  • Jessica will either win or go home- there is nothing else for her.
  • Adejoke and Sunny talking shit...but they're right.
  • Jason in a white shirt and bright red tie is the epitome of Hamilton chic
  • Jason is padding up his model- I think Laura II is hiring a merchandiser
  • The makeup for Valentino screams Valentino- fresh-faced with a light, bright red lip.
  • Kim is bothering me- a lot.
  • No one here is going to be successful - I can tell. No one is a Biddel, Lucien or Andy. They all lack that certain "oomph."
  • I hate Wayne Clark- he's such a hack. Is he the best we have?
  • Team Versace:
  • Sunny's is Verscae- circa 1997
  • Genvieve- Not Versace...if the styling changed- this would not be Versace at all
  • Adjeoke- I hate the slit...the whole thing actually...sloppy
  • Team Valentino:
  • Jessica- It's not as bad she she's making it out to be
  • I like Jeff's quite a bit.
  • Jason- WHAT
  • Team YSL:
  • Kim- This is not YSL at all...so Brandon and her both don't know who YSL is
  • Baylor- I like it
  • Brandon's outfit's crotch gives me nightmares
  • I'm glad they called out Brandon and Kim
  • Kim's outfit looks like something out of Pink Tartan's first collection
  • Winner: Sunny!
  • You just don't measure up: Brandon! His face drips of stupidity...Go back to Barrie.

At the end of the episode, a picture of Dario pops up on and TV and it's noted that he passed away after several years of battling cancer. That's really sad- I'm sure that had he stuck around, he would be a leading contender. Rest in Peace Dario.



mc said...

sunny is so cute.

M said...

"My mom just asked for the dictionary definition of dominatrix. Hm."

This made me laugh cuz it's the second time I've heard that being said in the past week.

- guess who?