Feb 3, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2- Episode 2


  • Iman's outfit is horrendous; the David Bowie shirt is tacky because it's Iman wearing it.
  • Once again- why is this set in Ottawa? Why? I.just.don't.understand.
  • Elisha Cuthbert's eyebrows are the things nightmares are made of.
  • Is Elisha the best Canadian celebrity we could find? Really?
  • They are at a fabric store that is not Mood. Le sigh.
  • Christie is absolutely vile
  • Jason is absolutely vile
  • Brandon is absolutely vile
  • Jason's G-Unit tank top is offending all my senses at once- simultaneously
  • Brandon is really annoying - and his face also offends all my senses. Also, simultaneously.
  • Brandon is also wearing nail polish
  • Brandon stole the design? DUN DUN DUN!

  • Margarita calling Brandon out - good. Brandon is such a queen.
  • Brandon's face is ridiculous- he might be reason I stop watching this show
  • Genvieve is not MG from season 1. : (
  • Jessica Biffi is kinda gangsta, yo.
  • Baylor and Sunny would make a cute couple. They also exude quiet confidence.
  • Brian Bailey's mustache makes the rounds. The pale girl from B.C. is now crying and murmuring 'bad bridesmaid!'
  • Christie's dress looks like a horrible prom. She needs to GTFO.
  • Christie's headband wrath continues.
  • I just caught a glimpse of Brandon's dress before the break- WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.
  • I wonder if Margarita and Brandon will be in the bottom 2? I predict yes.

  • Stretch fabric is always a hot mess
  • Kim's dress fits horribly
  • Brandon's dress belongs on the ice. Or a street corner.
  • Ass cheeks fill my screen. I feel awkward.
  • 20 mins to runway
  • Aaaand commercial...
  • Iman might be the world's first (or most prominent) black robot. Yes we can.

Runway Reactions:

  • Jessica - well done but boring
  • Jeff - pucker pucker pucker
  • Sunny - I like it, could have done more with it
  • Genevieve - I like it
  • Margarita - HORRID - she seems so cool, but her designs suck
  • Jason - Much better than last week.
  • Adejoke - Not a fan. Paint swatches over a pencil skirt
  • Kim - Playboy bunny
  • Christie - boooooring
  • Baylor - meh
  • Brandon - Roooooxanne!

  • This season has been utter drivel up to this point.
  • Shawn Hewson agrees about the figure-skating dress.
  • Iman proclaims no more ho fashion, ho trends. Shucks.
  • I predict that Jason will win and that Brandon will be out.

  • The winner is: Jason! You'll be seeing him and his illustrious tank tops and jangly earring next week!


Next week: Christie cries again, a group challenge, Christie cries, Christie wears a purple headband (oooo), Christie has a breakdown. Great.

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