Feb 18, 2009

Some people carry a Birkin, others....

He’s like my Chloe shoes, Betsey bag- Oh he’s cute.
He’s like my Marc Jacobs chain, Prada shades.
What’s his name?
He’s my he’s my latest accessory.
- Accessory from the Shopaholic OST

Although it's still winter outside, Spring is in the air and love is in bloom. Here is Marc Jacobs out in Paris with his latest piece, Brazillian boyfriend/husband Lorenzo Martone. Total upgrade from Marc's previous rent boy. Also, note the beautiful black Hermes Birkin Marc is carrying.


And in New York, Kanye with his latest accessory, the physical manifestation of shutter shades. Kanye is rocking the afro-mullet and yet despite this, I cannot hate.


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