Feb 24, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2 - Ep5


  • Kim described the last runway show as "super lame-town."
  • Iman looks like a black Cher Barbie- Gypsies, tramps and thieves!
  • Divorcees are this week's models- "Something New, Something Old"
  • Ex-wife of the Ottawa mayor is Kim's model
  • Jeff's model has a list! Oh my! She wants the dress black!? Debbie? Last name Downer?
  • Christian Amanpour + Mick Jagger = Sunny Wong's model
  • Baylor is doing a backless sari- WHAT? I smell trouble.
  • Adejoke's model also has a list...Festive? Happy? Is this Christmas party or a dress?
  • Have they been able to make any designs with new fabric yet? This is ridiculous. Everything is recycled - is ProRunCan going green or are the designers so dull they must rely on gimmick?
  • Jason is a one-trick pony, I agree Sunny, I agree.
  • Stained fabric - oh my, Ottawa mayor! You rascal!
  • "This feels like my grandmother; old and gross!" Thanks Kim.
  • I swear the designers said "Hi Tim Gunn," in unison
  • "Sexy ho?" Brian Bailey, you tool.
  • Is Jeff working with a bathroom mat?
  • "Bum detail," Thanks Biffi, sounds technical.
  • Is "cleav" short for cleavage? Really?
  • I normally don't give much leeway for boo-hoo-hoos on runway, but I kinda understand where Kim is coming from- I understand her quip about the fabric. This really is getting ridiculous because I have yet to see real, utter, true design from anyone.
  • So I predict either Jeff, Kim or Genvieve are going home
  • And I think Sunny, Jessica or Adejoke are going to come out on top
  • Sunny said "making it work" - I died a little bit inside.
  • I love that Adejoke's model used the word "embellished!"
  • Jeff's model seems kinda bitchy. So does Jeff. Passive-aggressiveness ruins lives.
  • Baylor really had it the easiest I think. The fabric is kinda fug though.
  • Uh-oh, all the divorcees are now rehashing past relationships
  • Jeff's laugh is obnoxious. Kenley's was more so.
  • Jessica's dress seems awful. I retract my earlier statement about her being in the top.
  • Jeff's model is MISERABLE.
  • With all this white, ivory, lace and creme-and one black sheep-this feels like this weekend's Oscars all over again (we even have our own Jolie!)
  • Runway!
  • Adejoke- Reitmans anyone? The bust doesn't fit properly.
  • Sunny- I like it, it's wearable and chic
  • Gen- kind of a mess- the styling is horrid
  • Baylor- the length of the skirt is all wrong- horrid.
  • Jessica- It's not terrible, but very Le Chateau.
  • Jeff- EVERY week someone does that stupid side-thigh slit- EVERY week. That is the trashiest and unflattering slit ever known to humankind.
  • Kim- WHAT? I have no words. The dress looks like something pulled from the Titanic wreckage.
  • Jason's lab-technician model looks like Kate plus Eight. That is not a compliment.
  • KIM! Speaking up! Oh my God! Whoa. She is right though. Oh, the fighting continues backstage!
  • Kim's right. She will cut you! She probably hides a shank in her hair!
  • Sunny does deserve to win. But I think Jason might take it.
  • "Who's sari now?" Oh, Iman! Your use of puns excites me!
  • Kim should go because her YSL was a mess. And Baylor has been consistently better. But Kim makes for better television. Longest elimination ever?
  • Sunny wins! Three in a row! Uh-oh, I know this narrative- what goes up must come down.
  • You just don't measure up: Baylor! Aww. I'm kinda sad. He was such a quiet, cool and composed guy. Did Brian suggest that hugging him brings good luck?

Side note: Brian Bailey can totally kick Philip Seymour Hoffman's ass if he went for an open audition for the priest's part in Doubt. Am I right or am I right?


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mc said...


kim's a bitch. i hope geoff cuts her.

also, did you see shawn's face when iman made the pun? hahaha.