Mar 24, 2009

Live-blogging ProRunCan2

  • Can I just say that I love how Iman says "Tempers will flare, hemlines will fly." I want it as my ringtone. I think about this every week.
  • Iman is dressed like Mr. T in drag. I like it.
  • Kim brushes her hair? Who knew.
  • "I hope it's somewhere out of Canada." Me too J.Biff. Me too.
  • I hate camping. ME TOO J.BIFF. ME TOO.
  • 14 beers, a silver-fox stole...someone call PETA.
  • I could not be in a car with Kim for any duration of time. One of us would not come out alive.
  • Team challenge, again. Ridiculous.
  • "I think Sunny picked Jessica because she won the last two challenges." WRONG KIM. Sunny picked her because they've won every challenge thus far.

  • Annnnnd googly-eyes is back. And Jason is back too. FML.
  • 2 eliminations tonight.
  • "Gimme Shelter" Challenge.
  • I like Adejoke and her dry sense of humor
  • Kim, Genvieve and Jason (Team TPT) collectively look like carnies. So disgusting.
  • "Get back to the city?" Really? Can one really go camping in Ottawa? it really a big transition?
  • Genvieve: "We deserve to be here." No. You don't. You were kicked off
  • I really feel for Sunny. He does work hard. I hope he takes this challenge
  • The flash of Toronto makes me yearn for ProRun set in a real city
  • Kim's not a designer...Adejoke's vocab and demeanour is leaps and bounds ahead of Kim.
  • Sunny + Kenny's picture is ridiculous! Is that the best they could find?! Oh my!

  • Adejoke's mom: "My house is clean!" That's something my parents would say.
  • Kim doesn't have any friends. Sucks for her. Maybe Kim doesn't have anything to go back to because her attitude sucks and she's not a talented designer.
  • I still cannot believe Kim brushes her hair.
  • Kim's styling is so similar to the styling from Nada over Toronto Fashion Week. Obviously this was taped before, but I hated it on the Nada runway, and I hate on the ProRun runway.


  • Yellow on Iman looks hot. You go David Bowie!
  • Team TPT:
  • Genvieve: Apron shirt. Silver-detail looks like birthday tinsel.
  • Jason's What is it? I don't understand.
  • Team angel/demon:
  • Kim's out. She has to be. WTF? Ola anyone? Remember that store? \ Adejoke's outfit fits in with Sunny and J. Biff's.
  • Team Please Win:
  • Sunny's looks like a Lady Gaga costume. The execution is divine.
  • Jessica: Cohesive with Sunny's for sure.

  • Kim needs to stop starting shit in the green room. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB OR HAVE A HOME.
  • Honestly, kudos for J.Biff for keeping her cool. She deserves a medal. Kim is such a miserable person. "I chuckled." STFU.
  • Shawn and Iman hate each other. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them wouldn't be there next season.
  • Two winners? Scores? There is no way that their execution and concept is nowhere close to theirs. None at all.
  • Adejoke does not deserve to leave. I'm actually quite upset. Kim should be ashamed that her outfit caused Adejoke's dismissal. Total mess of a season.
  • So Adejoke is out, thanks to friendless Kim. Go back to Vancity. Kim is also out...if that's any consolation.
  • Sunny, J.Biff, Jason and Genvieve won.

p.s. This conversation about Jason and Kim at the campfire makes my life:

Rafay says:
is he gay? I can't figure it out.

Mags says:
who cares. they're perfect for each other

R says:
help me understand

Mags says:
their chemistry extends further than traditional gender binary

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